Sweethearts Giveaway 2016!

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alrighty folks!! the time is here yet again to celebrate love with a giveaway, yay! to enter for a FREE couples session, just leave a comment or email me at nicole@birdonawirephoto.com and tell us why you love your sweetheart. you have until … Continue reading

2015 year in review

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why hello there! i had hoped to have our new site up and running sometime last year…and that obviously didn’t happen. BUT 2015 was filled with many blessings. one of the biggest and most exciting was taking our 10 year … Continue reading

sweethearts giveaway 2015!!

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well hi there friends!! it’s that time of year again! we love to celebrate love by giving away a FREE couples session!! to enter, just leave a comment or email me at nicole@birdonawirephoto.com and tell us why you love your sweetheart. … Continue reading

18 months

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ok, i don’t share too much personal stuff on here…and honestly have lost my newfound zeal for blogging because we are planning a major overhaul (again!) to our website. but… i finally got around to taking my baby’s 18 month … Continue reading

whiting fam

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you may remember whitney from here. she has since started doing her own photography in the beautiful pnw, if you want to check her out you can click here. the whiting family is one of the BEST! we love them. … Continue reading

matt & ashley

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ok, ok. remember these beauties? they tied the knot last year and i am just so happy i was able to capture their sweet sweet love. seriously, this was just the best. and as i promised, here’s the full shoot … Continue reading

moss fam

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meet the moss family. it was really hot that day (who says oregon isn’t sunny?!) but it was fun to meet them, chat a bit, and and get a few pics of their adorable boys. enjoy!


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how cute is this guy? i mean, young man… he just graduated this last spring and is getting ready to serve a mission for his church! it’s been fun to be a part of this exciting time in his life. … Continue reading

the jensens

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we are missing the jensens! ella (aside from being the prettiest ballerina) was jagger’s first girlfriend. you may also remember them from here. they too made a big lifestyle change and decided to move to florida. it’s weird to think … Continue reading

kim & lindsay

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remember how i had my big year? if you can believe it or not, i still have a slew of sessions i haven’t posted. and there are some good ones. really good ones. so i’m playing some major catch up … Continue reading

baby finn

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since this cute not-so-little-anymore guy is about to turn 1, i got reminiscing about this shoot i never shared. finn is just as adorable as his brothers…and that’s saying something! but it wouldn’t be hard to get babies that look … Continue reading