girls trip

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my sweet friend laura takes a girls trip every year with her mom and sister. this year they went to lincoln city (one of my most favorite places EVER). It was so fun to spend a little bit of time … Continue reading

miller family

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i had the privilege of capturing this beautiful family in one of the most beautiful places on earth. so so happy to have a temple closer to us. it is truly a magnificent building, both in its architecture and purpose. … Continue reading

mother’s day giveaway!

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i was working on one of my most favorite shoots ever tonight and the above picture made me think of mother’s day fast approaching. isn’t this mom the best? anyone who has boys knows how accurate these pictures are, and … Continue reading

marissa & joe

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say hello to our sweetheart winners! we love to celebrate love by doing giveaways. if you missed this one, stay tuned :) marissa and joe were fun to get to know. he has this rad old chevy and one of … Continue reading

mcneil family

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meet the best family in the whole. wide. world. they are my favorite and i am missing them so much. enjoy!

the homers

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these are some great people right here!! we have a very strange connection. one of those instances where the world seems so very small. i loved how after all their years of marriage, he could still make her laugh…a lot. … Continue reading


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meet one of my besties. whitney is awesome. and beautiful. and she just so happened to win my mother’s day giveaway last year. and she is one fantastic mother. what a great calling in life. i’m so glad i got … Continue reading


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hannah is one cool girl. i first met her in our church choir. aside from having a lovely voice, she has just as lovely a personality. and i was lucky enough to snag a couple senior photos of her before … Continue reading

groesbeck family

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these are some of our very favorite people. it just so happened that i was friends with rosie in college and alma was friends with todd from their mission. and we all reunited in portland with kids the exact same … Continue reading

sweethearts giveaway!

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it’s that time of year again folks!! with valentine’s day just around the corner, we like to celebrate by giving away a couples session for FREEEEEEE! to enter, just leave a comment or email at and tell us why … Continue reading

baby blake

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after shooting their wedding and baby announcements, i was really really excited to meet this little guy. blake is so cute. i loved that squishy face. and i took way more pictures than i normally do during a newborn shoot … Continue reading

delong family

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meet the delong family. how cute is little baby quinn? she was so scowly, i loved it. some babies come out all smiles, others…not so much. i’ve had both, and both are fun in their own way :) love love … Continue reading