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we have just recently moved, and are now based out of the phoenix, az area. did we mention we love to travel? hit us up from anywhere in the world, we’d love to meet you!

Hey, I’m Alma.

I’m the kind of guy who wants to live off the fat of the land, eat bacon, grow chest hair, live in a mud hut and wipe with a leaf. But I don’t. Because I love my wife. You see, Nicole is my life. And her life does not consist of ANY of these things…except eating bacon. I’ve waited all my life to love someone the way I love her. We are bff’s forever. And we are polar opposites in our interests (besides being borderline addicted to photography). I like aforementioned things… i live for it… it makes me man. Nicole scrunches her nose at the thought of sleeping in a tent. But she does it for me. And I go to the opera. But in the things that really matter, we are one. And together we make beautiful children. There’s nothing I won’t do for them. They are the pure joy in my life that makes me complete…

I dream of one day owning my own outdoor rental/consignment store. To travel, to go on adventures, to teach, and to create. And truthfully I already do all those things–in my backyard. oh, I also get to live the dream and teach what I love…photography. I’m the kind of guy who can fix just about anything, or learn how to. I thrive on knowing and learning. God is the all-knowing Creator, and I want to be like Him.

Send a smoke signal my way.

hi, i’m nicole.

i’m a passionate person. and that was an understatement. some people (cough, alma, cough) might call it stubborn, but i just like to think of it as confident. i know what i love… and what i don’t. i know who i love. i know what i want and where i am going. so what are the things i’m most passionate about? that’s easy; my religion, my family, and life.

i love music. i love the opera. i try to live in the moment and enjoy life, but with 4 angel children who occasionally take on weasel counterparts, this proves difficult at times. i love food. i’m way too okay with not wearing makeup somedays. material things, totally overrated. i’m a people watcher. i prefer to spend my time and efforts creating experiences and enjoying them. i love to travel. love.to.travel. i love freckles, and i have them. i love to shop, but hate to spend money. i like pictures :) i’m chill… at least i try not to worry about things that don’t matter. my favorite word is ‘wiggle’. i like movies. i don’t watch/read the news and HATE politics. i feel most beautiful when pregnant. i prefer to wear glasses. i live my life with no regrets…big ones anyway. i’m a dreamer. oh, and i’m kind of obsessed with alma.

let’s be friends!

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