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2011’s top 40

so another year has come and gone, and we can barely believe it. we’ve had some major adjustments to our lives, our business, and our family. and many.many.blessings. God is so good. we hope you have felt His love in your life as your reflect over the past year.

amidst all the chaos of figuring out how to raise 3 kids, having alma go back to school full time, and taking a lot of time for fun & travel…we are just a wee bit behind on this here blog :)

so to make it up to you, we’re showing our favorite top 40 images again! and many you may have not even seen yet!!! like i said, we’re a little behind, get off my back! okay, okay, get back on. let’s enjoy this together.

we can feel good things brewing for 2012. please share in those good things with us! whether it’s leaving a comment, visiting our blog, or booking a session, we truly appreciate you doing what you do to make it possible for us to do what we do…did that make sense? well a muchisimas gracias to you and as always…