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so, i’ve been having a lot of ‘profound brain things going on inside my head’ for the past couple of months and wanted to share. i have been blessed with talents. i have also made promises to share my time and talents with others. lately, i have had the impression that it’s not only about sharing our talents, but doing it with love. and i want to do just that in a big way. i have decided i want to do all my work this year for free. yep, for free! no strings attached. it’s not like we couldn’t use the money. and it’s not like we don’t have the business. but one of the main purposes of doing what i do here, is to preserve memories and capture history. when all is said and done, photographs are one of life’s most cherished and held-on-to things. so i want to allow those who may not be able to afford professional pictures to have the opportunity. and if you can afford it, great!, you can still have them for free :) alma thinks i’m a bit crazy, but supports me (as always). it’s just something i have felt very strongly about. and it’s what i want to do.

so come one, come all and let’s get this party started!! email me to set up your time. i look forward to meeting you!!




  1. Rachel Holloway

    That is INCREDIBLE! WOWSERS!!! I do not know how you manage it all–you’re one talented woman!

  2. Wow. Just wow. So many people will be crying tears of joy and shouting hallelujahs when they read this! You really will bless the lives of a lot of people through your work. :)

    • Rachel Holloway

      And for what it’s worth…I SO wish we lived close–because I would be so HONORED to have you take pictures, even if I paid for them! You guys do incredible work… :)

  3. Tracey olson

    I’m a friend of Summer Elrod and I saw a posting from her on facebook about you and I’m curious if I read this right? Free photo shoot? I have for kids ranging from 6 to one and we have NEVER had our pictures professionally done because we could never afford them. If this is for real please email me back? Thanks Tracey at traceyolson@hotmail.com

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