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lauren & ben

so last summer a while back on our trip to utah, i was able to meet up with my old friend lauren. Her and her twin sister were the first two people i met at college. and they are some of my favorite people. since then we’ve, uh, grown up…a little, and it was so fun to meet her husband and sweet daughter blaire. it was so fun to catch up, i just love these people.






  1. lauren

    I’ll say it again… you are WONDERFUL! As the recipient of a priceless gift I cannot thank you enough. We continue to love the pictures and will certainly think of your generosity and genuine talent as we enjoy them… forever. PS did you ever get the Vday card I sent your way? Am I dreaming that I sent it after all this time?

    pps – I just blogged our family pics … and created a few links to your website (which looks fab by the way). Much love to you both!

  2. blythe

    love these nicole! your pictures are beautiful!