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displaying your pictures

ever wonder what to do with all your pictures? a lot of people decide they want a copy of all the digital files…which is great. but many times those files just sit on the computer. and sit and sit. some get posted on facebook, or a blog, and that’s it. it’s one of the saddest things to me. having all these pictures you love and not doing anything with them. so a great way to use all of your favorite pictures is to get them put into a coffee table book, a wedding album, a sign in book for your wedding, a brag book of your children, etc.

here’s a little peek at lauren’s senior album. it turned out fabulous!


or here are some ideas that we have used around our house to display our artwork…

in our (old) living room. in the new one we are in the process of re-mounting and extending for a total of 24 instead of 12!!

this is the easiest way to display current pictures! just unclip and clip as new ones come in! (rod & clips from IKEA)

also from IKEA, not the best quality photo (taken on my iPhone) but is also a great way to display the kids artwork. and it is constantly changing.

this last one is our bedroom. it’s a travel theme so this wall is filled with pictures (most of which we took) of all the places we’ve been. you should see the ridiculously large world map i just purchased…i’m in love!  

so there you have it. a little peek into our lives and hopefully a lot of inspiration for you to get those pictures off of your computer and displayed properly!!

what have you done in your house??

ps. the sky’s the limit with what you can do…these are just a few options :)