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happy mother’s day *giveaway!!




speaking of mother’s day, i am blessed to be a mother of 4 now…4!! and i can’t believe what a blessing my children are in my life. but the newest addition is a post for another day (which i hope is one in the not so distant future). today is mother’s day, and man do i have a good one. and i was lucky enough to spend the past week with her. she is kind and has such a loving heart. she is always thinking of us and trying to help in any way she knows how. and she’s beautiful yeah? so to celebrate, let’s have a giveaway!!

i’d love to give away a hot mama session to one hot mama. this includes a 30 minute session and 5 photo files. for more info, check out past sessions here and here. or email me :)

to enter, please do the following: comment and tell me about the person you are entering for. if you want this for yourself, tell me why you love being a mother or one of your favorite things about it. if you are entering for your spouse, tell me about her as the mother of your child(ren). if you are entering for your mother, tell me what makes her great. etc. etc. make sure to share the news! — you can have multiple entries for any one person (from different people), so get to it :)

let’s go ahead and give you plenty of time. i’ll announce the winner on wednesday the 15th!

and of course i couldn’t leave without a photo of my little lovelies. this is us today. i love them more than anything…

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  1. Jenni Merritt

    I think I am commenting in the right place, and hopefully not too late…

    I love being a mom, because I know I am doing something special in this life. I am bringing people into this world, people who have a little bit of me, a little bit of daddy, and so much spirit in them that I can hardly keep up or believe their amazingness. It is the best job ever. Even when I am past exhausted and the house is a mess.

    And by the way: These hot mama sessions are amazing!

  2. Whitney

    It’s hard to put into words why I love being a mother. It is more than just what I do. It is who I am. Bringing these children into this world and raising them with my husband is my greatest joy and the best thing I’ve done. It’s also the hardest thing I’ve done. It’s hard every day, but I think that’s what makes it so wonderful. Being a mother is challenging me, and hopefully molding me into a better person. I love my husband. I love my children. They make me happy. I know what I’m doing what my Heavenly Father wants me to do. That makes me happy too.

  3. jenn

    I want to enter my mom, Laurie Rice. I have a lot to say about her so here it goes:
    She has always been so hard working. She put herself through nursing school while pregnant with me, 30 years ago, and then when she and my dad were divorced when I was 5 she raised my sister and I, worked full-time, never missed a sporting activity or school function, took us to our various extracurricular activities and always made a delicious dinner. She always made everything fun even in the roughest of times; my sister and I had no idea when we were little how hard times were because she was just so awesome at being a great example. She is a very strong person taking care of my sister and I, our various family members and friends and then helping with grandchildren while myself and my husband finished up school. She makes herself available for us when we need her and is always willing to host a last minute get together to make sure our family gets together often. When she was 47 years old she put herself back through college so she could obtain her goal of earning a bachelors degree. She studied, attended college and still worked fulltime as a nurse, and all at the same time helped me when I was going through my divorce with a newborn child taking me in and helping me to get back to school and back on track. She has been so supportive in times that I know it was hard for her to be like when I joined the LDS church, married and put my education on hold to become a mother but she was always there. She has always sacrificed for her family and even close friends so that they could better themselves. She’s an awesome mom and such a strong example.

  4. nicole

    ok, thanks to the 3 of you that entered!!
    congrats whitney :) we’ll get together soon.