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mother’s day giveaway!

i was working on one of my most favorite shoots ever tonight and the above picture made me think of mother’s day fast approaching. isn’t this mom the best? anyone who has boys knows how accurate these pictures are, and i LOVE them. i am getting very busy over here and probably should take it easy on these giveaways, but i just can’t help myself. mother’s day is right around the corner and i want to hear why you love being a mother. or you can nominate your mother and tell me why she’s great. or your wife.

motherhood is the most precious gift and hardest calling in life. it’s my full time job, my passion, and really really hard. but i am so incredibly grateful for the blessing i have of raising 4 beautiful, spirited, unique wee things; to be given stewardship over such magnificent little beings from a loving Father in Heaven. i mess up every day. but i love them like crazy. and i love my own mother more and more as i try to do what she seemed to do so effortlessly.

so thanks moms! wherever you are. YOU. ARE. AWESOME.

i will be giving away a mom & kid(s) photoshoot. doing what you love to do most. leave a comment to enter. tell you friends. i’ll announce the winner on mother’s day!

CONGRATS HOLLY! thanks to all who entered and i hope you had a wonderful mother’s day!!

mothers day winner


  1. Emily

    Such cute pictures Nicole!!!! Being a mom is the best job EVER! I never thought I wanted to be a mom and then I got married and a little while later we decided to have a baby, and we got the perfect one for us. She is crazy, full of life, so funny, and the best little girl ever. Now we are expecting our second and couldn’t be more excited. I love seeing life through her eyes. Every day is a new exciting adventure. Things that I took for granted I am seeing in a whole new light because of her life and excitement. It is fun to realize that she just doesn’t know what is going on and that it is my responsibility to teach her everything. It makes it easier to get a little less upset. Not that I don’t some days, but it is definitely easier to calm down quickly, and just give her a hug and know that she just has to learn. I am so glad I decided to stay home with her and go on new adventures everyday! It’s the best adventure of my life! It may not be a perfect life for everyone, but it’s perfect for us!

    • All I have ever wanted to do when I grew up was be a mom. For as long as I can remember! That has been my biggest desire. It all seemed like a fairy tale having my babies! I’m seriously living my dream! I love being a mother because I love making these little people happy! I love seeing them happy! I love being a mother because I have never felt more proud of something/someone in my life! I love being a mother because with out my kids I don’t know what would motivate me so much to be a better person!:)

  2. Reyna

    Wow you take beautiful pictures!! I would love love to win this!:)

  3. Holly Rader

    I love being a mom. I love how having children lets me see life in a new way. I love the instant joy and love you have for them as soon as you see them for the first time. Even though it is exhausting at times, it is the only “job” that can take every ounce of energy you have and you still can’t wait to see what the next day brings.

  4. Jessica

    Love those pictures from their shoot! Motherhood is definitely the most challenging, scariest, and most rewarding thing I’ve ever done. Love that you are celebrating it and the special relationship between moms and their kiddos with this giveaway. :)

  5. karolien

    I love being a mom because my 3 very different and unique children bring out the best and worst of me. They teach me more sometimes than I can ever teach them. Thanks for celebrating Just being a mom :) xx

  6. Julia Miller

    Can I nominate a friend?? My friend Laura is the most selfless mom I’ve met. She learns every skill under the sun to enhance her families life. She goes 24 hours a day and always smiles. And she always has good things to say about her children, I’ve never heard her say anything negative. I look up to her so much and know she would love pictures with her kids. :)