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18 months

ok, i don’t share too much personal stuff on here…and honestly have lost my newfound zeal for blogging because we are planning a major overhaul (again!) to our website.


i finally got around to taking my baby’s 18 month old pictures, at 19 months. i did the same shoot as her sister at that age, and was curious about the comparison. i know there are major differences between them. the main one being vienna (who is now 5) has always been the daintiest, prettiest, little thing; very lady like. zion (the actual 19 monther) is well, not. :) she is more of a bull in the china closet, my cute chubby bunny, super sweet, yet full of piss and vinegar. v is the free spirit. zion is the wild child. but both are simply adorable to me (obviously) and the only thing that this comparison did was make me mourn the 18month old vienna. ugh. growing up.

enjoy :)


vV2 zZ2 vV zZ