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sweethearts giveaway 2015!!

well hi there friends!! it’s that time of year again! we love to celebrate love by giving away a FREE couples session!!

to enter, just leave a comment or email me at nicole@birdonawirephoto.com and tell us why you love your sweetheart. you have until friday to enter. the winners will be chosen at random and announced on monday the 16th. tell your parents, friends, and co workers, or nominate a deserving couple! good luck!!!

ps. the above picture is an oldie but goodie. like, one of the best. sessions. ever.


CONGRATS AMIE RAY!! Email me (contact us pg) and we will get this set up. So excited to meet you two!

Thanks to everyone else that entered!! I like giveaways and try to do them often, but if you can’t wait, hit us up for a session. WE LOVE YOU!


  1. Aimee

    I love my husband because he gives so much to his family. He works so hard then comes home and actually helps out. He is the best example of someone who knows how to serve others. He makes me feel like i am worth the extra effort he puts forth.

  2. Holly Rader

    I have a million reasons I love my husband, but to name a few…I love that he is an amazing, faith-filled man, that he is a good father, that he is a hard worker, and that he makes me laugh.

  3. Mandi Burnham

    My sweetheart has worked harder for my heart than any man should have to. We first started dating 9 years ago but being young, I was afraid of commitment and wanted to see the world. We stayed friends and he wrote me regularly while I lived in Spain. I attended University out of state but when I got back, we were back in eachother’s radar immediately. I was still unsure, but he wouldn’t let me get away again without a fight! Now, three years married and a sweet son later, he still works hard to show his love and loyalty to me. He is my best friend! We would love to win this photo shoot!

  4. Erica J.

    He completes me and bonus he grew a beard just for me.

  5. Reyna

    He is very kind, sweet & patient. Works and does school full time and still comes home and helps out a bunch, and still makes time to help others. Plus he is so handsome!!

  6. Amie Ray

    Hi my name is Amie Ray and I would love to enter your contest! It is not hard at all to love my sweetheart because first thing first he’s the realist. He is so chill and relaxed which might be why he can handle my craziness so well. Daylen is the one person I can count on to come through for me no matter what. I love him because when my grandpa passed away he let me give him a makeover to make me feel better. I love him because he would give me the world if I wanted it. And I love him because he is smokin hot.

  7. Stephanie

    Let’s see, where do I begin….My hubby loves me unconditionally. He puts up with my crazy. He makes me feel beautiful. He works hard at work and then comes home and works hard. He is a good, honest, covenant keeping man. It is very rare for him to raise his voice, unless he’s cheering for a team. He shares my love of sports, though he is even more hardcore than me. We have had years of fun memories attending games together. We love to travel together and we sneak when we get the chance. I love the way he smiles at me. He serves others and doesn’t like being in the spot light. He’s such a stud, and I love him so much!

  8. Kristy

    he never stops working for our family! Always trying to improve and do better so we can be secure financially. He’s so patient with me! And forgives so easily. And full of service! He rarely turns down an offer. He truelly is everything I’m not. ❤️

  9. Mary Miller

    An ugly Christmas sweater that says,”I’m throwing up winter” , thick rimmed glasses, a black New York city beanie, and some tackle snow football…this is my love story.
    I wore this ridiculously hideous outfit and was tackling full grown men to the snow covered ground the first time Kyle ever laid eyes on me. Yet, somehow he fell in love. We became best friends and somewhere along the way I found myself, the graduate student who never wanted to get married, falling in love with the 19 year old undergrad freshman.
    Everyday since that first time we met, Kyle has made me feel gorgeous, strong and feminine. He has made me better then I was once.
    Kyle hates having his picture taken, but he promised me just the other day he would do an actual photo shoot with me. That’s how much he loves me! The last time we had an actual photo taken of us together was on our wedding day. Kyle is a different person now though. He is 70lbs lighter and not a teenager anymore!
    Kyle is my favorite story to tell and I want to capture it…
    …and yes, I do still wear that ugly Christmas sweater :)

  10. Whitney

    Dustin is possibly the easiest man to love on the earth, and he does so much for me and for our kids – he lifts far more burdens than he ever creates. He makes me laugh, encourages my dreams, challenges me to grow spiritually, loves me unconditionally, provides for me, and he has cleaned our bathroom way more times than I ever have. He helps with dishes and laundry, takes care of the kids when needed, and shares my taste in movies and music and lack of interest in pro sports. Neither of us is perfect, and we make compromises, but compromising with him never seems much of a sacrifice. I truly married my best friend, and I will be forever grateful for that choice. So thankful he is my valentine forever!

  11. Melissa

    I love my hubby because he’s a smith boy, which makes him awesome. On top of that, he works hard to bring home the bacon, then plays hard with the mini me’s and mini hims, and then sleeps hard, only to awake up to move the kids back to their own beds 20 times a night. Plus, he tells me he loves me, even if I’m ugly crying, and I know he really wants to just tell me to please never make that face again. And he usually makes breakfast. And even though there are ingredients in there that I can neither pronounce nor stomach, I know he does it out of love to keep me healthy. Plus, he’s a hottie. It runs in his blood. You would know. And he sometimes listens to me, which is better than I can say for my kiddos, the ones I carried around for 9 months, so that’s gotta mean something good. Plus, he took the bar in a second state, mostly because I was bugging him around the clock to move closer to our loved ones, closer to home. And taking the bar ain’t easy. And these reasons are just a few;)

  12. Jessica Larsen

    I am so in love with my hubby. He sacrifices so much for our family yet still finds time for us! I would love to win this photo shoot as we are WAY over due for some couple shots! He always makes me laugh and smile. He simply is the BEST!